Bed Bug Eradication – 3 Methods That Work

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How to get rid of bed bugs is a fairly straightforward process but it can be a troublesome situation to take care of. If you have been a victim of bug bites, then it is a good idea to treat those first using ointments to soothe the irritation and itching. With that said, here are 3 tips to helping you eradicate infestation problems for good.

1. Use insecticides in the affected area

To quickly get rid of an infestation problem, make use of insecticides that are specifically designed to work fast. Be sure that you first identify where they are and to start by spraying a light mist on your mattress, furniture and carpet for several days. Depending on how severe the problem is, you may even need to do this for up to a week so be patient.

2. Use a steam cleaner inside hidden places

Hiding places for bed bugs include in your mattress, inside crevices, in electrical outlets and even behind wallpaper. Bed bugs are extremely vulnerable to heat so use a steam cleaner all hidden cracks and crevices that you see. You may also want to use a vacuum cleaner just to be safe while also relocating all your furniture.

3. Hire pest control

If all else fails, then you probably have a more severe infestation problem than you realize. Follow these above methods for up to a week and if they still do not work, then you will need to hire professional exterminators. It’s important to always deal with a reputable company with a track record of proven success.

If you follow these above steps, then knowing how to get rid of bed bugs is not a difficult process. Be sure to follow these above steps by using insecticides along with a steam cleaner around the affected area and to call in professional exterminators if needed.

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