Beauty versus Pretty

Beauty versus Pretty

Have you ever considered someone beautiful who doesn’t meet society’s superficial definition of beauty?

I often find that my perception of beauty in such people comes from responding to a certain glow or a sparkle they unconsciously emit.

In the sizzle and high fashion of today’s world, external perfection is valued above everything, but it’s that special glow that comes from loving oneself and all life that’s the true gift to others.

Now think for a moment about that wonderful feeling you get by being around people who have a real zest and love for living. How does it feel? It feels awesome. The soul is uplifted and the inner self feels so much better. These individuals attract others to them like a magnetic vibration. They have figured out the secret of body, mind and soul. They have tapped into the essence of what true beauty and love really represent. They understand the basic ground-rules and apply them to their everyday life.

* To be one with oneself in harmony.
* To love oneself with understanding and respect.
* To accept oneself with all the character’s flaws.

This type of beauty is not what society today is all about though. It will take society a time to understand and to accept this, since people’s beliefs these days are superficial, they have become surface seekers, adept at the quick fix. No individual is perfect unless ‘perfection’ has been purchased and even paid for through plastic surgery. In reality, its our discontent which causes so much longing after the superficial, since there is no inner peace, no understanding of the basic ground rules of the body, mind and soul.

Oscar Wilde defined love as “Simply that sense of beauty that reveals to the world its body and its soul.”

A three-part special aired recently on television called The Price Of Fame took the viewers into the world of famous individuals as they underwent plastic surgery. Some sections were graphic and the word ‘ouch’ escaped my lips several times. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with a little nose tuck here and there, if it helps your inner spirit. On the other hand, the program admitted that this quick fix has become an addiction for many. To the point that after undergoing several operations some faces end up with a permanent smile like the Joker from Batman (I won’t mention any names).

Plastic surgery has become more popular than ever. Some offices are set up like a fast food restaurant. Whatever you need – liposuction, tummy tuck, lip enlargement, or simply smooth the wrinkles away – can be arranged for your lunch hour. In and out, pay at the next window, don’t forget the green stamps, please come again and tell a friend!

Beyond doubt, love is recognizing the unique qualities of beauty in each and every aspect of life we encounter. Love turns a perceived flaw into an appealing feature. Love can move anything that blocks the way, it can change water into wine (okay, maybe it can’t), it can change Brad Pitt into Keaau Reeds. Wars have been fought in its name (Helen Of Troy… now, she was a bad girl!) and it can turn the most undesirable man into the most sort-after male in the world.

Consider this for a moment. The person with a love for life possesses a radiance that reveals beauty from deep within the soul. This radiance gives the strength to totally embrace life fully. When one feels good, the body is in total harmony. It’s easier to deal with the demands of the job, the family and those intensely personal lessons of life.

Self-esteem is the total package of the body, mind and soul aspect being experienced fully and directly acting as one with the personality. To love oneself, accept oneself as unique and valuable, will enable the soul to reach out without fear to love others. In fact, a person who possesses a healthy sense of personal values has no problem reaching beyond those superficial measures of physical beauty to reflect its true definition of:

* Grace
* Proportion
* Balance
* Symmetry

Here’s the real question. What’s the difference between ‘pretty’ and ‘beauty’?

Pretty people are only easier to love in a superficial relationship or situation. Some may agree with this, and some may not. It’s unfortunate, but true, that pretty people are more concerned with their looks and how society focuses on this ‘pretty’. Their relationships become easy target in this superficial world since the only thing their partner sees is the pretty outer shell. Nonetheless, this doesn’t last since prettiness fades and the entire relationship suffers because it is based on superficial appearance.

Beautiful people, on the other hand, are happy, balanced people with a sense of true proportion about themselves and life. They are comfortable with who they are and understand the reason for existing. They display confidence as if it were tailored especially for them. People just want to be around them.

Beautiful people are deep individuals who inwardly tap into their universe. Their demeanor is calm, settled and content. They are eloquent in expression, and are supremely confident. They listen intensely to what other people have to say, without suffering the need to voice their own opinions. They are quick to smile and their entire being lights up with that smile. Their eyes twinkle when making contact. They will reach out to others with warmth and tenderness, they are graceful with every movement of their body, standing tall with confidence. Beautiful people are down-to-earth because they have to create no mask to hide behind.

Henry Kissinger once remarked that power is an aphrodisiac.

In this fast pace world of today, everything can be bought. Everything has become superficial and is ruled by the quick-fix and instant gratification. The media doesn’t help the situation. It’s the media that frequently sets the pace.

The thing to remember is that beauty must be cultivated each and everyday. It takes patience to bring out the inner being. This isn’t an instant gratification, quick-fix, ‘pretty’ scenario. This is looking deep within oneself to understand the significance of what are the building materials of the body and mind. To help one cope and to deal with character flaws, to accept them with love. It’s not easy, but it has to be done.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.A.

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