As Written

As Written

I wrote to my brother
to pass on the news
but also to give him
a chance to air views
about weather, the family,
friends still down South
or the dietary portion
he puts to his mouth
after the doctor
has shaken his head
and told him to lay off
potatoes and bread.

I wrote to my cousins
and wrote to some length
for I found that my words
quickly gathered in strength
when I spoke of what’s happened
with a new year begun
in this land of long summers
and strong winter sun
where we blister our skin
and reduce our poor nose
to an object of laughter
as red as a rose.

I wrote to a country
where I had some friends,
relaying my feelings
towards journeys’ ends
and wishing, of course,
they could come visit me
knowing full well
that it just couldn’t be
for they’re burdened with children
or tied down by work
which gives them sustenance –
never a perk.

I then wrote my diary
with secrets galore
things I tell no one
but carefully store
to partake at my leisure
when moments will lag
and longingly dream of
inhaling a fag
but knowing full well
I’ll have to refrain
lest the Boss will discover
I’m at it again.

– Dave Rowan

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