Helmet Cam : Are They Essential For Action Sports Videographers?

Helmet Cam. Ref: pointofviewcameras.ca

Tiny pov cameras which can be fixed to a helmet have become quite a trend within the last few years. These helmet mount cameras, as they are also called, are utilized by all sports enthusiasts from snowboarders to mountain bikers, spelunkers to ATV enthusiasts.

Then what is the necessity a pov cam?

Sometimes called a bullet cam, it is a small videocam designed specially for recording typically outdoor sports action footage and other footage. It is confusing sometimes as these video cams go by so many names. All point of view cameras are embedded into the helmets of outdoor sports enthusiasts and thus are also called bullet cams. All these helmet cameras use wide angle lenses which allow capturing “right in the moment” action videos. As these cameras are fastened to the helmets, the audience is able to see and sense everything from the perspective of the enthusiast. Point-of-view or POV camera technology has recently been embraced by many action sports fans and they have even gotten their way into more job related uses for trainers, security personel, firemen and even a lot of police tactical forces.

These helmet cams are especially designed so that they can be easily attached or detached from the helmets. This ensuing exceptional hands free approach makes it extremely useful to skydivers, cyclists, and motorbike enthusiasts as they can effortlessly record magnificent videos without the need to risk their well-being by taking their hands off their sports controls.

One might begin to think if these helmet cams could resist all types of natural rocky environments. Since these cameras were created with a “tough as nails” reason in mind, they are designed to be water proof, shock-absorbent, and strong in order that they stay completely functional throughout the user’s expeditions. Mountain climbers won’t have to worry about loose rubble striking their helmet cams, while due to the fact that these cameras are water resistant there should be no worries about outdoor elemental damage for most sports.

Particular brands of helmet cameras are completely waterproof. These helmet cams are specifically for water based action such as kayaking, white water rafting and parasailing. There is even a brand of high definition diving goggle video cameras.

As for skiing enthusiasts, their previous “helmet cameras” were full sized camcorders attached to their helmet which never allowed a full viewing experience for the audience. But, the newest created POV cams are built to resist not only the misuse of bouncing but also any type of dirt or water stains that it is expected to come across.

These helmet cameras are typically embedded either directly onto the front of the helmet or onto the side; depending upon the user’s preference. As soon as a user switches on the camera, the lens activates and captures the landscape with automatic contrast, white balance and other aspects. This data is then dispatched electronically to the video-recording unit which then captures the scenery. This footage recording will carry on until the battery dies or the memory card is totally full.

Taking into account the issue that these types of point of view cameras are featherweight, tiny and are very strong, they come with very flexible price tags. These prices stretch from approximately $100 on the low end while mid price cameras are going for $280 and high end cameras like the Vio Pov 1.5 are sold for approximately $600. So these cameras are accessible for anyone’s financial plan. It does not matter if you are a serious or semi pro sports enthusiast. A POV cam is meant for you!

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