Another Mile

Another Mile

To the late Sammy Qualls

I’ve been known to turn and twist my soul.
I’ve even left myself standing in the aisle.
But I always managed to drag my head out of my hole,
Picking myself up, dusting off, and going another mile.

There was this friend of mine, from my younger days.
Sammy Qualls put himself through some bad times.
You see, he kept sauntering back to his bad ways.
He was so smart, but he didn’t heed the signs.

So, of course, Sammy didn’t last too long.
He couldn’t seem to get it through his head.
His life turned into another tragic song.
He never learned, and now my friend is dead.

People that you meet can have such an impact
On some of the ways that you feel and think.
Although there are some that slip through the cracks,
Their soul and mind staying on the brink.

Birds of a feather stay with their own kind,
Following the socially accepted rank and file.
If you ever find that you’ve twisted your mind,
Why, just pick yourself up and go another mile!

– Kublah Threadgill

Wimberley, Texas, U.S.A.

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