Animal Blessing

Animal Blessing

A few years back, I was given the opportunity to officiate at a Pet Blessing Day at a local nursing home. My friend was the Activities Director, and in the past they had a priest or local minister come to do the honors. So, when I was asked, I felt very honored but expressed my concern that I was not a minister at that time. She said that it was not essential to have a certificate to prove to others what she knew dwelled within my heart. She had heard many of the poems and prayers that I had written because I share many of them at church, which she attended at the time.

When I arrived that day, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I stepped into the garden nestled between the buildings I saw that the doors to the patients rooms had been opened and there were people in wheelchairs, lawnchairs and even one man had his bed pushed up to the door because he was confined to bed.

I had been asked to say a prayer and then bless the animals if the owners asked for it. I was amazed at how many relatives of the patients and staff had brought their animals from home for the event. There were many dogs and cats but also an iguana, a rabbit and a gerbil. All were very well behaved that day and even though it was predicted to rain that afternoon, it held off until we were done.

So, I will close this little story with the prayer that I had composed for this special occasion. I would just like to insert here that I have become an Ordained Minister since this wonderful event.

Blessed are the animal lovers for they have found the true meaning of life. They have found the riches of King Solomon’s Mine and the Fountain of Youth.

The love we give our pets enriches our lives one hundred fold. It is true unconditional love given from the heart. A love truly worth it’s weight in gold. A love that only increases in value as each year goes by.

Our pets make us feel young as we smile at their wide-eyed innocent expressions and laugh at their antics which seemed staged for our enjoyment. Walking, talking and interacting with them is the miracle tonic we all need to take to keep us young and healthy in mind and spirit.

Truly blessed are we who can love God’s creatures and know what it is like to be loved back. And though we may lose a pet who has become more than a friend, God always provides another to take its place.

– Dee Pacheco
Geneva, Ohio, U.S.A.

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