An Overview Of ‘Jarred Into Being’ by Pat Lawrence

Jarred Into Being is a book published by Outskirts Press and written by Pat Lawrence.

The authors are a team of two writers. The couple, Pat and Lawrence, have penned before under this name in a mystery series and a staged play.

They offer a unique experience to the reader.

The main character in the book is a young lady called Eva. She is the heroin in the story by overcoming challenges facing her from an early age. Her parents die in an automobile accident. Her aunt takes up the role of her guardian but this proves to be a terrible decision since she has a drug addiction problem. Men, who are friends to her aunt, molest her from an early age.

Her aunt decides she cannot take it anymore and leaves behind a baby. Eva takes up the role of taking care of the child but after a while she cannot handle it. She follows the same path. This leads her into a world where people take advantage of her beauty. She is imprisoned and held hostage in her new life. However, she uses her charm and spirit to break away.

The book is used to show present day ills in our society. It focuses on drug problems, slavery, sexual abuse and prostitution. It also brings out the horrible use of sexuality to break away from sexual bondage. Furthermore it displays fraud in the government and in judiciary services. It also highlights the working of Mexican illegal associations and border troubles.

From beginning to the end, the reader is kept guessing. It has a way of attracting sympathy towards the protagonist in the story. A reader is kept in suspense over what will happen to Eva and how she ends up. In conclusion, the moral of the story is good winning against evil.

The book can be found on hard copy or paper back. Soft copy versions are also available in kindle and nook formats on the internet. All in all, Jarred Into Being is a great title for a serious lover of fiction.

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