An Internet Radio Station For True Music Fans


I was having problems listening to the radio. It seemed like stations just didn’t change; they played the same radio rotation over and over. I was starting to get really tired of listening to the same artists play the same songs. I would begin listening to talk radio instead because I was so fed up with the whole thing. Unfortunately, talk radio is really boring, and I usually would just turn the radio off.

I always crave to hear new music by new musicians. It’s important that I hear creativity and talent when I’m listening. I feel like the music industry ignores a lot of truly passionate, independent musicians. Every single time, artistic management agencies just go and pick more of the same to represent. Even music videos on TV just offer the same.

Overall, I was becoming really cynical about music and the industry. In fact, I realized that for quite some time, I hadn’t been listening to any music. I just didn’t want to hear anything on the radio that reminded me of how bitter I’d become towards the music industry.

Finally, I figured out that my girlfriend was tired of my whining about the lack of music with creativity. Apparently she found one website she thought was really great after she went online and searched internet radio stations. One night we sat down at the computer together, and she showed me the IM Radio site.

I found internet radio at its finest on IM Radio. A home has been found there for independent musician, poets, and comedians. You see, they play something completely different from the typical air play. Up and coming, talented artists are all part of their playlist. None of the comedians, poets, artists, or musicians on the site have sold out. This material is just fresh, exciting, and new. As a true independent internet radio station, IM Radio features offerings that are completely away from the norm. The website will never run out of new, talented creatives for you to follow.

My girlfriend and I finally turned the computer off after several hours of listening. However, since then, we leave the computer on at the IM Radio site all the time. We are listening to it while we read, watch TV, or clean house. It’s become really easy to just kick back on the couch and let our minds wander, especially when we’ve become really entranced by the latest thing playing on that internet radio station. We’ve discovered that we are really inspired by some of the stuff they play, too. A lot of times I’ll be listening to the IM Radio airplay, and I’ll come up with a lot of amazing ideas.

If you’ve also become like I was, and are really cynical about radio, you have to go check out IM Radio. There you’ll find a whole new internet radio station that offers music, comedy, and poetry from artists that are still incredibly creative and full of talent. Their playlist changes constantly, and never feels stale.

Listen now and drop by the IM Radio website.After you’ve listened to this excellent indie radio station, I promise you’ll become excited about music again.

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