An African American Author in History

Phillis Wheatley. Ref:

The impact of the African American author in history is one that can be discovered simply by doing a little bit of research.

The impact can be felt, however, almost anywhere you go.

Great African American literature has helped us as a people to see what it is like to live in another culture and in another skin.

This work is all thanks to many an African American author in history.

One of the first authors to make a name for themselves was Phillis Wheatley.

Phillis was brought from Africa when she was a small child and was sold in Boston, Massachusetts to the Wheatley family. At the time she came to America she spoke no English. After some time with her owners she mastered the language and, as a bound slave published Poems on Various Subjects in 1773. This was the first literature that was written by an African American author that is written in the history books. It took almost 100 years before another work of African American literature was published, which was the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, published in 1845.

With the turn of the 20th Century, education began leading to a new black culture in America. Many different groups were created in order to help get African American literature noticed by the public. It is because of these groups that people began to realize how much they could learn from African American literature.

One of the biggest things that many people get from older pieces of African American literature is what it was like being labeled as a “second class citizen” in the nation. Most of history was written by the ones who were in charge, but literature from an African American author who lived during the time can help us to realize what it was like to truly live in that society, and to live as a person who was not considered an actual person.

African American literature is very important in history, especially the literature that was written by people who were slaves or who were descendants of slaves. The next time you think about picking up a book, you may want to take a look at the many different type of African American literature that are often written by black authors, especially the older pieces, as they can help you to see a piece of history.

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