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One of today’s most popular performing arts is magic tricks. This art form is created to entertain people who are willing to be tricked by creating an illusion of the impossible. This happens right in front of the audiences eyes. The people that help to create these wonderful illusions are known as magicians.

The term Magi’s is Latin for Magi. A Magi was someone who read the stars as well as foretold the future for their communities. One of the greatest creators of magic tricks was the illusionist and escapologist Harry Houdini. In fact, Houdini was probably the greatest magicians as well as escapologists that ever lived.

Magic tricks are successfully created with mis direction and sleight of hand. Sometimes mirrors or some other form of deception was used as well. Anything the magician could do to create a sense of wonder as he performs his seemingly impossible magic tricks.

Audiences are the biggest part of these magic tricks though. Without a willing audience, they wouldn’t be possible. People who go to a magic show are willingly opening themselves to deception. They are willing to be entertained by trickery. But trickery or not, the shows always amaze the audiences.

Houdini was such a great magician because the simple fact that his audience trusted him. He spent time debunking the claims of charlatans and false magicians while entertaining his audience. This practice is still followed today by magicians such as Penn and Teller and James Randi.

During the twentieth century in the U. S., magic tricks were mostly thought of as a children’s form of entertainment. This began to change however with the revival of Doug Henning. He began to bring back the old practices of magic tricks and began to amaze adult audiences once again on television and on stage.

After this, many magicians began to come out of the woodwork that are more than amazing. Performers such as David Blaine began performing Houdini type magic tricks. He became a master at escapes and endurance displays, always amazing his audiences. These magicians we watch on television typically perform in front of a live audience to earn the trust of their audience on television.

Most magic tricks today are based on the old principals of magic. The saying its all done with smoke and mirrors was a reference to how magic tricks were performed. However, most magicians today don’t bother with mirrors, simply because they are too difficult to transport and set up.

There are many types of magic tricks that performers accomplish. First, production tricks are where the illusionist produces an object out of nothing. Vanishing tricks however do the opposite, where the object seemingly disappears. Transformation magic tricks are when the illusionist changes one object into another one and restoration is where a magician destroys an object, then makes it reappear whole once again.

Tricks of teleportation happen when the illusionist moves an object, making it appear somewhere else. Escapology is the ability to be put into a dangerous situation in restraints and be able to escape unharmed. Levitation is where the illusionist appears to make something, or someone, float in mid-air. And Penetration tricks are when the performer is able to make one item pass successfully through another, leaving the main object undamaged.

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