A Transient Guest

A Transient Guest

For a friend who has just suffered a recent bereavement
Knots of sadness choking veins
Form tourniquets of inner pain.
A sadness no one can console,

On steely wind does life release
Its numerous hues of pain and grief.
An icy shade of death departs
And, in its wake, a broken heart.

Reaching forth a slight young hand,
You bid farewell to love so grand.
Now sadness does room as your guest,
Deep pain and hurt it does bequest.

Tears, each one a searing coal,
Do burn your eyes,
Do scorch your soul.
Nothing, it seems, can recompense
This loss of love between dear friends.

Nothing perhaps, but grief and time.
These qualities for all do fight.
’tis time that nurses, bathes and soothes
One’s inner pain,
One’s darkest moods.

In grief, tomorrow’s seed is found,
As earth, one’s grief, will slowly plough,
Till seeds of pain and hurt give birth
To shoots of inner strength and worth.

Embrace each young green tender shoot.
Each one a road map,
Each a route.
A means to find your future door,
A means no less,
To shine once more.

– Colin Baker

Blackwood, Gwent, Wales.

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