A Tipi is Not just for Xmas ~ by Perry Estelle

Tipi Love Survives all Weathers

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It’s a common misconception among layman and even the most staunchly devout Tipi Lovers that tipis are seasonal or temporary structures.

If this was the case then the Glastonbury muddy mayhem would have us sleep in a canoe rather than a tipi for the purposes of keeping dry during what seems to be mandatory torrential rain at this music extravaganza.

I wonder if Cochise would have approved of his traditional ‘Mother’s Skirt’ tipi dwelling for revelers of contemporary music?

Here is a snippet about of this North American Native Legend.

“Cochise, born in Arizona, was a member of the Chiricahua band of Apache. He gained a large number of followers in his long and bitter dispute with the US government and conducted repeated raids on US posts.

The Indian leader campaigned relentlessly against white settlement of his territory. Unjustly arrested by US authorities in 1850, he escaped from custody and took US hostages, whom he later executed. A Chiricahua Apache, Cochise joined forces with the Mimbrëno Apache and successfully fought off a large force of California settlers in 1862. Finally apprehended by General George Crook in 1871, Cochise made peace with the US government the following year.” http://encyclopedia.farlex.com/Chief+Cochise

It’s my guess that he was a pretty tough customer when it came down to being territorial and would suffer death than rather give up his home.

Yet, there we are at a huge tribal gathering playing music, dancing around to frenzied hypnotic music, worshipping our icons and passing the hash-pipe around!

I know what you are thinking?

“And your point is, Perry?”

Okeydoke! I’m in the Tipi business and Glastonbury and fests like them in the UK don’t have to be an expensive once a year fleeting experience. Tipis don’t need to be just a warm memory for a small fraction of a captive community who want to see Neil Young play before they die.

My job is to prove to Brits how much a tipi is “Not just for Glastonbury ..but for Life” come rain or shine. Bitter cold and icy blasts just make a Tipi more cosy than imaginable.

A Tipi can be equipped with all the facilities you need to enjoy them all the year around complete with stove heating and lighting.

As a beautiful permanent feature in your garden with minimal maintenance a Tipi is not just fun for the kids but a great all year around entertainment system.

Tipi Heaven can show you how to do this for the same price as a Summerhouse …but with a really big difference! We deliver and erect your Tipi free of charge and spend the day with you showing you how to get the best from your tipi.

And you can take it on a camping holiday whenever you feel the call of the wild!

Why not make a Tipi a cherished member of your family!


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