A Review of the Ice Cream Diet – Can You Really Lose Weight While Eating Ice Cream?

The Ice Cream Diet sounds almost outrageous to a lot of people the first time they hear the name, even though it looks good on paper.

The point is there appears to be some kind of hype or contradiction involved with a diet that seems to place importance on eating ice cream. That’s what the ad says – lose weight, get to your desired weight, and yes you’ll be able to eat ice cream each day. What follows is our review of the Ice Cream Diet – you’ll find out if it’s all hype and nonsense, or not.

Ok, well much to our surprise the Ice Cream Diet is a diet consisting of low daily calories. The plan includes daily eating of lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables plus your daily allowance of ice cream. One advantage of this diet is that, unlike many other low calorie diets, it gives you a reward to keep you motivated. Beyond this, however, ice cream actually has some nutritional value. You can find calcium as well as some protein from the milk dairy ingredients in ice cream. Because of that, the Ice Cream Diet has a little bit of an advantage of many low cal diets on the market. This can help you to stick with it long enough to get results. The Ice Cream Diet gives people a simple and very economical way to lose weight. There are meal plans that are easy to follow, and sticking to this diet won’t strain your budget, as there are no special meal replacement packets to buy. You have some choices in your daily meals, as long as you don’t go over the number of calories permitted every day. The ice cream you eat every day is figured in to the plan. If anyone sticks to the plan as outlined by the Ice Cream Diet, then we really think weight loss can happen pretty easily.

They take advantage of human nature and psychology in this diet. When you restrict yourself from something in particular, there’s an unusual feeling of wanting it even moreso than before. If you have dieted, then you know the feeling of deprivation that often, or usually, accompanies the diet experience. People usually put weight back on after dieting because they want those foods they were deprived of during the diet. So the approach with the Ice Cream Diet is that the feeling of deprivation is much less, and overall it’s much better knowing you can eat a little ice cream each day. What people experience with the Ice Cream Diet is their are much more likely to stick with the diet.

There is always a danger of becoming terribly bored with what you’re eating if you stay on the Ice Cream Diet for too long. Eventually even the ice cream may get a bit boring, plus it’s a low calorie type of diet. You really might start feeling like you’re eating the same low cal foods every day – and you will be. That’s one reason why some people want a diet that has more variety in it. Your ultimate success with the Ice Cream Diet will depend on several factors, and you maybe should think about that before getting started.

In conclusion, the Ice Cream Diet can be a healthy and realistic way for many people to lose weight. It depends, however, on sticking to the dietary and exercise recommendations and eating a very limited amount of ice cream. If you think you won’t have a problem with that, then you should do fine with the Ice Cream Diet.

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