A Novice’s Guide to Carp Fishing Equipment

Carp Fishing Equipment

Carp Fishing Equipment

One of the most popular freshwater fish for anglers is the carp, which gets a lot of attention in Europe, but is still struggling to catch on in the United States. Carp fishing is a popular outdoor activity, and the large size and good fight of these fish is sure to help the growth of this sport continue. One thing every would be carper needs, however, is good fishing equipment.

There might be no piece of fishing gear more important than the rod. If you want a suitable fishing rod for carp, you will want to find one that is at least medium action, and also at least six feet in length. For beginners, this is an ideal rod to get into this type of fresh water angling.

Next is the reel. A good reel for carp fishing is one that is open faced. You don’t want tangles inside a closed face reel screwing up everything. The reel should also be able to hold 150 yards or more of 12 pound test line.

Finding the right bait is important with any type of fish. Carp aren’t picky eaters, but some bait is going to work better than others. While many bass anglers love rapalas, the best tackle for carp is actually sticky and smelly bait. There are many specialty carp baits available, so test around and see what the carp in your area like best.

There is also the matter of “pods.” A pod is a set up that holds three rods at once for the carp angler, allowing the fisherman to be hands free during the wait for a trophy carp to take the bait. These are optional pieces of fishing gear that are often used by more seasoned carpers.

And of course there’s the all important fishing line. Kevlar fishing line is a popular choice among any anglers, although in the end the main concern is getting fishing line that is 12 pound test or better.

While there is big time fishing gear for carp anglers that costs a good deal of money, starting gear can be had for fairly cheap. Carp angling can be a very rewarding hobby that provides many hours of entertainment, making it a cheaper in the long run over many other forms of recreation.

These are some of the basic things you will want to look at when looking at some beginner’s gear for carp fishing. Follow the guidelines in this article and you will be looking at some serious success carping in no time.

And if you would like to learn more about carp fishing gear, please feel free to visit that page, or this site on good carp fishing gear.


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