A Fibber’s Prayer

A Fibber’s Prayer

Dear God, it’s true I’ve done some things
I said I didn’t do.
I’ve kept some secrets to myself, but now
I’m telling you.

I’m sharing sins because I know
that children should be truthful .
So, I’m blurting out my fibs
Instead of keeping them all in my head.

So when I cried, “I wouldn’t dare
Toss my white pet rat in the air,”
Not only did I toss her up,
I caught her in dad’s best tea cup!

And when I blamed it all on Paul,
For sketching on my bedroom wall.
Lord, please tell mam that it was me!
T’was I, who drew that ‘knobbly knee’.

And when I cried, “I feel so sick!
I’ve caught the flu from my friend Mick.”
Dear Lord, tell dad that he was right.
I really tried to smoke his pipe.

And when my ‘big sis’ screamed that day,
“A spider’s choking my airway!”
Lord, please tell Sarah I’m disgraced,
Cos I dropped that spider on her face!

And when my much-loved grandpa, John,
did cry out, “Where have my beans gone?”
Dear Lord, tell grandpa I’ve come clean.
I did dig up his prize broad beans.

And when I looked her in the eye,
and yelled at grandma, “I don’t lie!”
Lord, please tell gran t’was me, not Nick,
who chalked hopscotch with her lipstick.

And finally, the time I said,
“I don’t know where gran’s jam is kept!”
Dear Lord, tell Gemma, it was me
Who spread the jam on her CD.

So sorry if you’re one of those,
like mam, dad, Sarah, Gem and Co.
Cos you’ve all tried to learn me why
It is so clearly wrong to lie.

But now I’m older, I declare.
In fact I faithfully do swear
That I will NEVER lie again.
Except the times I must.

– Colin Baker

Blackwood, Gwent, Wales.

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