A Family Legend

A Family Legend

This tale might be true,
Of this I swear, I do.
Of my sister it’s about,
When she was a little sprout.

Names have been changed.
I don’t want family estranged.
For father was well known,
And the tale has grown.

My sister was eleven and did know,
All there was about a fashion show.
That summer a bikini she did want,
So high fashion she could flaunt.

Now my nana said, “No, not that,
A one-piece swimsuit will be just pat.”
Sister said, “But I want a bikini,
Please don’t be such a meany.”

My sister received a swimsuit,
A one piece that was so cute.
But she was not very glad.
In fact, she was quite mad!

So my sister did conspire,
To get her preferred attire.
For if a two piece was too small,
She’d not wear anything at all!

To supper that night she got a call,
And sister was ready in the hall.
As she prepared to make
Quite an entrance of state.

For she didn’t have on any clothes,
Yes, my sister was completely exposed,
But there was one thing she didn’t know,
Others would be present for the show

For company, there was for dinner
Our Uncle JJ looking for a sinner.
He was a renowned preacher,
As well as a distinguished teacher.

Dr John and Rabbi David were also there,
As she discovered as she stood by the stair.
She was red faced, but so very bold,
As these events continued to unfold.

From the kitchen, nana did come,
Only to be struck dumb,
For there my sister stood,
Smiling just like a good girl should.

She did scream and drop the dish,
But my sister didn’t get her wish,
Father said nothing about her lack of dress,
He simply asked her to clean up the mess.

He invited her to sit at the table,
And to pass the food, if she was able.
That meal seemed to never end,
As my father wouldn’t unbend.

She tried to make him see reason,
Only to fail that summer’s season,
A two piece swimsuit she didn’t get,
But she got a lesson she’d never forget.

For when you decide an issue to force,
You may end up feeling remorse,
For she learned this lesson that day,
Always see if company’s to stay!

– Lester Warner

Orwell, Ohio, U.S.A.

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