A Cheaper Way of Getting More Readers

Many of today’s business entities start to use the SMS marketing service. They use such a service offered by text marketing companies to communicate with their existing and future loyal buyers.

The text SMS service is a great way for companies and corporations to send product updates as well as promotional offers to their customers in a timely manner. Without having to splurge a lot of cash as well as time, this strategy produces striking results such as having the ability to influence prospective customers and earning huge sales.

Today, you don’t have to resort to expensive forms of marketing such as putting ads on newspapers and brochures just to provide product awareness to people. A small grocery store chain in the U.S. was able to get around 2,500 clients in their database after sending simple and short text messages containing their latest bargains and deals to their targeted clients. They’ve garnered a 21% response rate within 10 weeks. In half a year, they’re able to minimize their newspaper and magazine ad expenses by 40%. Super Stop USA has enhanced their customer service through mobile marketing. They send SMS updates to customers on gas prices. Outdoor outfitters enable their clients to track their orders and send feedback or comments through SMS. Several other retail firms have found such service beneficial as it enables their customers to verify order status, track packages and receive back order notifications including coupons ad special offers. Texting has obviously become a strong medium for small scale business entities.

Businesses succeed in enticing membership through SMS. People may enlist to programs by simply texting their name and email address including the short code revealed on the company’s printed ad. After sending an SMS, users get registered and will receive a digital membership card along with special offers and program details. Other firms have coined a mobile messaging contest which price includes a free trip to a special destination.

Even the government has realized the value of text SMS service. Most of them are already using this to connect to the residents through SMS. The public can immediately ask for help by sending a text message. Police departments are urging on people to anonymously text information concerning crimes, which may help authorities in safeguarding communities.

Now is the perfect time to benefit from SMS marketing. Be one of the prosperous firms that were able to reach their goals with the help of the services of text marketing companies. The results of the research conducted by ABI Research reveal that texting will hit 7 Trillion messages in the present time from around 4.2 Billion mobile subscribers. The figures indicate that more and more people are becoming dependent on SMS as a way of communication. This is good news for firms that want to connect to their present and potential clients in a more direct and less expensive means.

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