60 Braves and Squaws Needed for Tipi Erection Business Opportunity

60 Braves and Squaws Needed for Tipi Erection Business Opportunity

My Name is: Perry Estelle Tipi Constructor and Tipi Heaven Founder.

Do you want a fun rewarding business that brings rapturous applause from all your customers and REALLY makes you stand out from the crowd?

Do you want £1000 per weekend?

Do you want to do all the above and have 6 months of the year off taking a good mark-up profit per Tipi order the rest of time?

If you are serious about starting from zero and putting some hard work and commitment into a planet friendly leisure industry opportunity that for a modest financial commitment GIVES YOU A PRESTIGOUS UNBEATABLE LUXURY SERVICE..Then click below for a Free Report

Ok Please allow me to find out more about what you REALLY want from your work choices..

Do you want…

A business model that is environmentally friendly, with virtually no local competition and gives you total flexibility with work/life balance….?

A proven business model that gives great fulfillment affording you the lifestyle you want…?

Take a couple of minutes to read this information.

This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme from somebody who has never been inside a TIPI let alone erected one! I want you to inherit my successful business model with my One To One support for 12 months. I will meet you and teach you to put up 16ft Tipis. You will duplicate this model for your own earning power. I will be investing 12 months of my life in you by showing you from scratch every facet of this rewarding business.

Now for my own personal reasons I am searching for the right persons to ‘go into business’ . I need a 60 strong Highly Trained Tipi Erection UK team.

Why would I want to share my tipi secrets with you? More importantly..why would I want to take time out to hold your hand through this unique opportunity to make sure you get it right 24 -7 for 12 months?


I have a HUGE problem, that’s why! I need to set up teams of Tipi erectors across the UK because I cannot handle the volume of work even in my own region of East Anglia.

I have to turn down 85% of my business because I cannot physically cover the UK..

You will get REAL support and ALL your Marketing Needs easily


I am offering personal 12 month tutorials to a select number of people. These individuals will make a lot of money if they follow a strict formula. The type of people I am particularly wanting to select is business minded hardworking ‘can do’ individuals who want to be part of the most incredible holiday and leisure phenomenon in business history.

The Tipi is a most beautiful historic building and erecting just one will still ensure your customers will pay you £500 a week to stay in it and earn you money while you sleep. So this an ideal Part time or Full time business. You don’t have to sack your Boss until you are ready to fly!

Tipis are here to stay. More and more people want an alternative holiday break and use Tipis for their very special event.

“I had an enquiry for a ‘birth tent’ the other day. Last week another for a guy who wanted to move to the area to start his new job that was only temporary and wanted to stay in a Tipi!!”

The demand for Tipis is huge and growing all the time from an ever hungry crowd.

That is a fact. I run my own Tipi company and turn down 85% my work because of a demand that I simply cannot cope with on my own.

Very briefly:  Let’s Look at what kind of “Hungry Crowd”…

We have found over recent years that more and more green thinking individuals, young and old yearn for the Tipi experience. It grows in popularity for reasons best known to a very unique human consciousness.  Probably because when folks see a Tipi they conjure up in their mind a mystical romantic ideal associated with myth and legend. They are very visual. Everybody loves them. They appeal to all ages.

These days the whole holiday industry is changing because of environmental issues. We take the view that peoples attitude towards a more eco-friendly leisure pursuit is evolving in a positive way.

Folks as a whole have gravitated towards a leisure lifestyle that works in harmony with the environment to reduce carbon footprints.

Our generation appears more adaptable to low impact leisure and have taken some sensible lessons from our ancient predecessors.

Not wasting resources. ‘Glam camping’ is putting airlines out of business! Fact.

Tipis and The Native North American way nourish this new-age thinking because people who love holidaying and the Great Outdoors reflect on such environmental issues. More and more people today respect the mindset of the first indigenous tribes. The Native North Americans and how they lived their Nomadic lives in tune with nature and cared for, even worshipped their homeland. They even named themselves after the wildlife of their land. They were the first environmentalists. Our very ancestors.  Our children are even more aware of their environmental responsibilities.

Fact: “72% of our hire customers are under the age of 25 years!
That means Tipis appeal to a younger generation more than ever before.!”

That is why I am looking to find 60 motivated people to join me in what is growing into a very popular leisure pursuit that makes you money if you follow the steps to success.

“I need to teach 60 Outdoor Adventurous Individuals to Start their Own Tipi Business on a Shoestring and to have the best Fun Earning Great income..”

This is how your business will work..

I offer as a joint proposal to you ONE as one of ONLY 59 OTHER INDIVIDUALS THIS ONE –OFF LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!

Includes the necessary personal tuition to procure a winning solution

and train and motivate the proper building, maintenance and safe use of the Apache Tipi for you so you can generate up to 75k per annum.

Have you got what it REALLY takes to join my team?

I will teach you on a one-to-one  level and coach you alongside 59 likeminded individuals. I will teach you all the secrets and different aspects from my own successful business model without all the trial and error. I have literally done all the work for you to get started NOW!!

Tipis are historic, living, breathing examples and a true testament of how the Native Americans lived and you can bring it to your customers homes or to their favourite beauty spot ‘Live’Stuff of Legend and Dreams!! A Fairy tale unfolding literally right in their backyard! This formula can be used time and time again and bring inspiring recreation to a very hungry crowd who are looking for an alternative holiday or eco-friendly event pursuit.

To perfect this system I had to run up a lot of blind alleys and waste a lot of money from some shall we say, less discerning decision making processes. I have saved you all the unnecessary heartache by this finely tuned support package. Please do not think that I am asking you to try a business I have not tried and tested exhaustively myself.

What I do on a weekly basis by running my own tipi erection business is what I want to share with you.

I am going to teach you every Tipi technique from how to erect them as a great holiday lodge to how to make profit from simply selling them.

*How to create your own customer base.

*How to create a website and get traffic

*How to get referral business

*How to avoid timewasters

*How to expand and automate your business to become hands-free

I want to know exactly which 60 people are likely to be great Tipi Business people potential. I need to meet you to find out if you can run this business and run it successfully.

Are you this kind of person?

Are you between 18 years old and 60years old?

Are you physically fit? Do you love the outdoors and leisure pursuits! Have you a UK driving licence.

Would you want to learn a North American Ancient craft?

Would you go abroad to build your business if necessary?

Have you an eye for detail?

Sense of Fun?

Love a challenge?

Let me re-phrase that? Are you one who loves a very different kind ‘outside of the box’ challenge requiring determination to succeed, energy, vision and perspective?

Do you believe in eco-friendly leisure pursuits ?

Do you love adventure and the call of the wild?

Is this the type of Lifestyle you want?

A trustworthy vocation that gives you 6 months of the year off to holiday wherever you want?

Gives you the income you want?

How about a very unusual business that is steadily growing in popularity for the last 20 years in the leisure industry that is definitely not ‘run of the mill’?

  • This business gives you…Hungry Niche Market
  • Low Investment
  • Referral Business
  • Up to 1000% profit margin
  • Virtually No Advertising or marketing costs
  • Unique and Exceptional
  • Very Little Competition

Do you want to be one of a group of 60 handpicked ‘can do’ hardworking entrepreneurs in the UK?

Do you want to be able to command your own territory and be master of your earning potential?

Do you want a business model flexible enough that affords you time with your family and friends and the good things in life?

Do you want to take 6 months of the year off?

Do you want a comfortable income that offers you the lifestyle you desire?

Do you love adventure and the outdoors?

Do you like meeting people who will pay you up to four figures for working two days a week?

Do you want to be involved in a business that has great cultural value and historic presence and is in itself a true enigma?

Do you want to draw a crowd of happy ‘come again’ customers mad for your services?

Do you have the patience and commitment to learn every aspect of a simple tried and tested business system?

Sounds fantastic ! But this tutored system is… NOT, I repeat,  NOT available for everyone. Territory is regional and offered to selected postcode. Only 60 individuals who have the will to run this very rewarding business will have this incredibly unique system presented to them. This is a niche business. “Everybody loves this business!!!”

What is the REAL pleasure of this business!

To give something back to the environment.

To put a smile on your face and others!

To create a first rate unrivalled business that can make you prosperous and bring sunshine into people’s lives and get paid a lot of cash to do just that!!!

This business is an exclusive one. It is a ‘headturner’. A ‘crowdgrabber’. A media headline wherever you might go to service your business.

It will almost certainly get you in the local paper or put you on TV.

You may be the talk of the town wherever you go to deliver your service!

You will be certainly be followed by enthusiastic enquirers who will want you to take their details.

Everybody will want to know what you are doing!

You will be following an ancient tradition so exciting you will have the intrigued observers want to share your passion for Tips. Every ‘job’ you do will excite another just by the visual impact you create.

Yes. You must have passion for this business. You will be inspired and inspire all those you come into contact with.

You will bring tears of joy to people and they will be dazzled by what you can do for them!

Just 60 individuals will be selected to share in a tested formula to thrill and make you money to do the things you want in life. It is not a decision taken lightly to find those with the right aptitude for this business.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a first come first served basis. But also I will carefully select who I want to work with me.

Why do I want 60 people to cover the UK with the most exciting and unique business opportunity money can buy?

You see… this is a great business! What is MOST IMPORTANT is that I teach you well. My reputation as a tipi erector is at stake. I have never had to deal with complaints and I hope you never have to.

Tipis Are Here to Stay!

Here we go!

What I’m offering i

Access to your own hungry crowd of Tipi lovers that will come back time and time again.

A Niche service for all ages. No target market. Everybody loves Tipis.

Your own location.  No competition.

A unique service.

‘Shoestring’  investment and ongoing support for 12 months.


Get More information: editor@tintota.com

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