Give Me 5p A Word and I’ll write you a past present and future…minimum 500 words for your article, promo, loveletter, resignation, speech or suicide note (payment in advance for this last one please)

Perry Charles Estelle

Your Writing Wish is My Command

Personal Summary

I am co-creator of 10 years of Global publishing and featuring your art and correspondence to hundreds of talent scouts.  All artistes/writers welcome.

I write to order. Give me a plot and characters and I charge £185 per 1000 words pre-edit for short stories.

“It’s a story set in the sixties of a single girl with a business in herbal medicine. Chloe Butcher is a carefree, feisty lass, who gets into heaps of trouble when she is entwined in others lives through the reluctant power of her mind. The opening to the story is about the intimidation shown to her, from the husband, of a vulnerable friend, with whom she is suspected to have had a lesbian affair. She works as a holistic practitioner at a time, when that facet of her existence alone, was viewed with suspicion, anyway. She breaks taboos in a narrow-minded community, but not without cost to herself. It’s a tale of danger, torment, betrayal, bigotry, unseen forces, but ultimately one of, frailty, yet, determination of a one girls’ lonely plight to help people overcome their social suffocation, by means of tapping into the power of the mind……remember you heard it here first!” Words

I have written over 3000 pet hates.

I have written several joke books including “Perry and Terry’s Pet Hates and Pork Scratchings.” A collection of wordplay life observations. A satirical surreal twist. It’s a climb out of reality.

I write for several author websites. See me as the outrageous Dr Farquar on  ….. click on Dr Farquar for over 200 distracting Doctor/Patient scenarios!

I have written over 3000 pet hates like … When horses are called stupid names like “Transsexual” and you have to place an each way bet ..”

Extracts from: “Perry & Terry’s Pet Hates with Pork Scratchings.”

Whatever your personal writing or publishing needs, offline or online needs contact me. One-liners to biographies.    Just find me on Facebook. Discretion assured.

Perry Estelle

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