3 Steps To Performing Comfortably For a Crowd

Performing to a crowd. Ref: smugmug.com

Most people are not comfortable performing in front people. When I say of performing, such as an instrument, or singing, or acting, I mean more than just knowing how to do well at your chosen craft, I mean doing it well and in front of people. Its the in front of people part that gets us every time. How many of us sing like a bird in the shower but then when people are watching we cant carry a note. Here are three steps to start you on the road to comfort (never complete) when called on to shine.

1. Do not disregard to practice. Whether you are a singer or play an instrument practice is the key element to being relaxed and at ease. The more familiar you are with what you are performing, the less anxiety you will have about messing up.

2. Do not back up. Piano teachers pass this on all the time. If you mess up in the middle, or any place in your piece, do not back up and repeat the offending passage. Keep going. Chances are your audience did not even notice.

3. Try not to be critical of your technical skill. Focus more on your overall performance. How does it sound as a whole? If you are a pianist and you worry during your piece about your fingering then you are disregarding the song and how it jingles. Distress yourself about technicalities when you practice. Which should be frequenty.

With time playing in front of and for other folks will come much more relaxed. You’ll be a natural. So use every opportunity to show your stuff! 3 Steps to Playing Comfortably for a Crowd.

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