3 Proven Techniques to help you Remember the Grammar Rules of a Language

There are lots of reasons why someone may want to memorize the grammar rules of a language.

Since you are reading this article, you probably need to learn the grammar rules of a language too. There are significant benefits about doing it if what you are trying to do could benefit from it. You will find there’s more than one method of going about doing it.

No single way fills all of the requirements completely. There are various ways to undertake it which will work. Just about every method has its good points and its disadvantages or not-so-good points.

Because of this I suggest you first survey the different options available. You ought to know enough about the methods available to have the capacity to choose intelligently.

Here then is a brief survey of three of your most popular strategies to memorize the grammar rules of a language:

Mnemonic devices. A mnemonic device is an approach employed to enhance memory retention. To employ a mnemonic device to assist you to recall grammar rules of the foreign language you are studying, think of rhymes, poems, songs, or any other association between words and phrases. Many of these for several languages are available with a quick search of the internet. Just key in “mnemonic devices (the language you are studying)” and it should give plenty of helpful websites that have what you’re looking for. An example of a mnemonic device being used to help remember a set of exceptions to a grammatical rule in the Latin language is “Dic the duc has fer and that’s a fac!” The Latin words involved here are dic, duc, fer, and fac, which mean “say”, “lead”, “bring”, and “do”, respectively. The rule that this mnemonic device helps you to remember is that these verbs are irregular in their imperative forms.

Translate sentences from the language you are learning to English that make use of the rule you’re looking to commit to memory repeatedly. This gives you an understanding of the rule and will cause it to become less likely that you’ll forget it when you need it.

Translate sentences from English to the language you are learning which make use of the rule you are attempting to master. This really is even better than translating from the language you are studying to English because it causes you to deal with the rule of the language in the language you’re learning.

Certainly there are other methods too, but these shown above are generally used and appear to be effective. Any one of them will work. They all are currently being employed. Pick the method or blend of methods that best fits your requirements and start to memorize the grammar rules of the language you are learning!

Indubitably, when learning a foreign language one also needs to be able to memorize vocabulary. Check out this excellent article on vocab learning for extra help in learning your vocabulary.

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