15 Quick Weight Loss Tips You Can Apply Right Away

Thong M. Dao

If you want quick weight loss, the following easy tips will help you shed off pounds of ugly belly fat pretty soon. What you need to do is watch what you eat and include healthy foods, veggies and fruits in your diet.

Your dieting doesn’t need to become a sacrifice. With these easy tips, you’ll provide your fitness plan a supercharge. You’ll be able to utilize this flexible program instantly, for as long as you wish.

1. Observe your foods and drinks. It’s not actually essential to count calories. Simply observe what you consume and how much. It is apparent that if you know what you have, you will go a long way to installing a sound dieting program.

2. Halve your consumption of every added or pure fat. It means using 50% as much spread or butter on your toast, bread, muffins and potatoes; 50% the regular amount of sauce or mayo on your salad; and 50% the oil in the frying pan each time.

3. Don’t consume sugary treats more than 3 times a week: ice cream, chocolate, cake, that kind of things.

4. Eat a low-fat protein source at every meal: fish, chicken, beans, etc. You can have egg yolks every now and then.

5. Design at least 1 lunch and dinner each week without cheese or meat. Build up these meals around beans, whole grains and vegetables to boost fibre and cut down fat.

6. Cut off fat from dairy products. Choose low-fat over whole milk. Reduce fat content gradually. The same applies to yogurt and cheese.

7. Target at two fruit portions every day at a minimum. Snack or dessert, your choice.

8. Substitute sodas and alcoholic beverage with water. Diet soda does you no good because its sweet taste makes you hunger for sugar. Try hot lemonade in the morning.

9. Have veggies at lunch and dinner. They will make you feel full faster.

10. Chew slowly. It takes time for the body to realize when you’ve had enough. If you eat too fast, you’ll tend to overeat.

11. Have grated carrot for your snack. You won’t believe me, but it’s more filling than a whole one.

12. Utilize whole grains where you can. The fibre can provide you a fuller sensation and also aid your digestion.

13. Choose chewable food. Whenever you chew, you will feel more fulfilled. Prefer fresh fruits rather than juice, and make your soup chunky.

14. Plan your snacks and meals beforehand. Plan your shopping as well – create a list of what you really need and adhere to it. If you only snatch something whenever you’re feeling hungry, you’ll likely pick out high calorie foods.

15. Do not watch television within meals, and snacks, as well. It is thought that we will consume more in front of television, reason being that we might become less conscious of what’s passing our mouth. Savor your meals, and nothing else.

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