Continuity Program

Internet continuity programs.


What are they and why are they so profitable.



I’m going to show you how to build a successful continuity program – or to be more specific,

How To Build A CONSISTENT Online Business FAST
Using Continuity Programs so that you can



Step 1 – Overcome Information Overload And Focus On ONE Thing Only

With all the information out there about making money online, I’m 100% sure that you’re suffering from nformation overload. The first step you need to do is to overcome this illness.

Stop chasing one business opportunity after another. Stop looking for the “next big thing” because there is no “next big thing”.

Focus your mind and attention on only ONE thing – and that is to build a CONSISTENT Online Business FAST so that you can REPLACE YOUR PRESENT JOB. Ignore everything that has nothing to do with this.

Please pay special attention to the word “CONSISTENT” – you want your income to be consistent month in, month out. It’s not much good if you can generate $1000 today but fail to make any money tomorrow and the day later.

What you want is a CONSISTENT income every month so that you can have a REAL business and peace of mind.

Step 2 – Learn Direct Response Marketing Skills

When people go to war and fight for their country, they equip themselves with training, weapons and shields. You need to do the same by equipping yourself with the Direct Response Marketing skills you’ll need.


You are a small entrepreneur with limited budget to spend on your online business, thus you need to make the best use of your funds.

You cannot afford to spend (and WASTE) BIG money like all the Fortune 500 companies. Every dollar counts, which is why you MUST learn direct response marketing skills so that you spend your money wisely on things that do WORK!

Step 3 – Learn Technical Skills

A lot of the online sites say BOLDLY that you don’t need to have ANY technical skills at all to be able to succeed in your online business.

(worse, they claim that you only need to click a few buttons on your mouse and you’ll make thousands instantly…)


Don’t be afraid of the thought of learning technical skill.

What I mean is that you MUST, at the very least, learn basic technical skills such as:

– how to connect your domain and hosting together so that when people type www.yourdomain.com, they are actually directed to your website

– how to create a very BASIC html static web page

– how to set up a WordPress blog from scratch

No, you don’t have to learn programming. You can outsource the programming stuff to professional programmers who know what they’re doing and who can do the job A LOT BETTER and MUCH FASTER than you.

Why don’t you also outsource the three skills I mentioned above as well?

Because if you outsource even the most basic skills such as these three, then you’d have to wait for your technical guy to fix it for you if you need to make even the smallest change to your web page. This will take up a lot of time with the back and forth communication. Another reason is of course to cut down your expenses.

Step 4 – Create High Quality Freebies

Make sure that you actually create a HIGH QUALITY freebie that you give away to your website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. Don’t simply put together some low quality PLR stuff and use it as your freebie.

This will hurt your image and brand, and once it’s tarnished, it’s VERY DIFFICULT to regain and get people to trust you again.

Before you create your freebie, think of it as a paid product that you’re going to sell. This way, your mind will focus on delivering high quality content since it (your mind) thinks that it’s going to be a paid product.

Step 5 – Set Up Your Squeeze Page To Capture Leads

Now that you have your freebie ready, the next step is to set up a squeeze page to capture the names and email addresses of those people who requested your freebie.

The basic HTML skills that you’ve learned earlier (in step 3) will help a lot in creating and setting up a simple squeeze page.

Of course, you should have some nice professional (but not too fancy) design to your squeeze page and freebie, and you can do that by outsourcing this to graphic designers. This will increase your squeeze page conversion rate.

Step 6 – Create Your Continuity Program

This is the MEAT of what your customers are paying you money for. They pay you money to access your VALUABLE content to solve their problems.

The contents of your continuity program, of course, has to be GOOD (just as your FREE content).

When people give their names and email addresses to get your freebie, they should be IMMEDIATELY presented with your continuity program offer.

Why immediately?

Because as mentioned in my previous post, people’s interests change VERY QUICKLY all the time. If you don’t ask for the sale immediately, then they might no longer be interested in your topic a few days later.

And one more tip: you do NOT have to create ALL the content beforehand before you actually roll out your continuity program. In fact, you only need to have the first lesson created and you’re good to go.

Step 7 – Package Your Continuity Program To Make It SELL

With tight competition in almost every market, simply presenting your “naked” continuity program for sale is not going to be good enough.

You need to MASSIVELY PACKAGE your continuity program so that it becomes irresistible and really ENTICING. Package it in such a way so that if people do not take up your continuity offer, they’ll really miss out on a lot of good, cool stuff.

You want to make your prospects think like this in their minds:

Joining this continuity program = I can solve my problems

Not joining this continuity program = My problems remain unsolved and I’ll continute to feel frustrated.

Step 8 – Generate Visitors To Your Squeeze Page

I’m sure you’ve heard and seen this a thousand times before, but without visitors to your website, then everything is useless.

You can have the best continuity program in the world, but if nobody knows the existence of your program, then not a single soul is going to join your program.

This means zero sales and zero profits.

Once you have your freebie, your irresistible continuity program that is MASSIVELY PACKAGED, then you can start driving traffic to your squeeze page.

Most will just be freebie seekers who won’t actually join your continuity program. This is perfectly fine, because in EVERY MARKET that you operate and sell information products, there are only a small percentage of buyers compared to freebie seekers, but they will at least become LEADS. A small percentage of that traffic will become your customers.

Step 9 – Build DEEP Relationships With Your Leads and Subscribers

After visitors opt-in to get your freebie, they are presented with your continuity program offer. Let’s say that the conversion rate for your continuity program is 2%. This means that for every 100 people who see your offer, only 2 join your program and the remaining 98 did not join.

So what happens to these 98 people?

Simply leave them alone?


What you should do is to build deep, trusting, and beneficial relationships with them via email marketing. Remember that they’ve already given you their email addresses!

Give them cool and valuable content that will help them solve their problems, and on a regular basis.

Frequency is key here.

The Internet is full of scams and tons of dishonest people. You want them to receive REPETITIVE exposure to you that will result in a POSITIVE perception of you being a nice, trustworthy person whom they regard as their trusted advisor.

Step 10 – Use Persuasive Email Marketing Tactics To SELL Your Continuity Program

In Step 9, you build deep relationships with your subscribers by regularly giving them valuable free content that they can use. In Step 10, you SELL your offer.

Simply giving away free content all the time won’t make you money. SELLING your continuity program will!

Therefore, even though you often give your subscribers free content, be sure to sell to them also. Otherwise ALL your efforts will be gone to waste.

The way to do this is to have a mixture of free content and sales pitch emails. For example, you can use the following tactic:

Email 1: Free content

Email 2: Sales pitch

Email 3: Free content

Email 4: Sales pitch


Where Do You Go From Here?

So there you have it, the 10 ESSENTIAL steps to building successful Internet continuity programs. If you do them correctly, you’re bound to REPLACE YOUR JOB on the Internet!

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